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When you think of authentic Jamaican clothing this website is where it’s at. All designs are specially handcrafted with love and care to suit people of a wide demography of all shapes and sizes from babies to grandmas.

You can purchase your funky Jamaican clothing and accessories right off the website or have it custom made to suit your particular needs and desires. If you can think about it we can create it. Look out also for our home decor and animal wear line coming soon.
Minka has been known as one of Jamaica’s top designers for years with numerous repeat clients not only because she creates her pieces with love and passion but also because careful attention is paid to quality control, finishing and details.

The threads and fabrics used are mostly natural such as cotton, soy, silk, bamboo and linen. Synthetic materials are sometimes used because strangely enough some people are allergic to all natural fibers and also because some of them are better suited for certain climates. It certainly is warmer to wear fibers such as acrylic or wool in cold weather than natural fibers which tend to keep the body cool.
Even though I specialize in hand woven products using crochet, knitting and macramé I also mix these with interesting fabrics to create unusual designs. Many of the items can be worn in more than one way and they are very durable so you get your money’s worth. You are guaranteed to receive a lot of compliments as well. Have fun with your purchases, thanks for shopping and we hope to see you again soon.

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