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When you think of authentic Jamaican clothing this website is where it’s at. All designs are specially handcrafted with love and care to suit people of a wide demography of all shapes and sizes from babies to grandmas.

You can purchase your funky Jamaican clothing and accessories right off the website or have it custom made to suit your particular needs and desires. If you can think about it we can create it. Look out also for our home decor and animal wear line coming soon.
Minka has been known as one of Jamaica’s top designers for years with numerous repeat clients not only because she creates her pieces with love and passion but also because careful attention is paid to quality control, finishing and details.

The threads and fabrics used are mostly natural such as cotton, soy, silk, bamboo and linen. Synthetic materials are sometimes used because strangely enough some people are allergic to all natural fibers and also because some of them are better suited for certain climates. It certainly is warmer to wear fibers such as acrylic or wool in cold weather than natural fibers which tend to keep the body cool.
Even though I specialize in hand woven products using crochet, knitting and macramé I also mix these with interesting fabrics to create unusual designs. Many of the items can be worn in more than one way and they are very durable so you get your money’s worth. You are guaranteed to receive a lot of compliments as well. Have fun with your purchases, thanks for shopping and we hope to see you again soon.

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Spiritual Readings

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   For as long as I can remember I’ve been attracted to the spiritual world. At the age of sixteen I met two ladies Dahlia and Yvette who would later become my dear friends who  introduced me to the occult world of numerology and oracle readings. People have always feared the occult (which means hidden by the way) but during my many years of using the occult sciences my life has consisted of success story after success story and I have also helped to bring insight to many people pertaining to different aspects of their lives. I am not saying it is solely because of these oracles that I succeed but they guide me very well in making the right decisions , forewarn me of upcoming dangers so that i can either prevent/avoid them or prepare for them to alleviate their effects somewhat.

  Since I started studying the occult sciences as a teenager I’ve developed what some people term a “gift”. I think the real gift is being exposed to these sciences at an early age and being open minded enough to embrace them. We all have this capacity within and all it takes is for us to become spiritually in-tuned. After all , all knowledge is within us.

    All of us are blessed with intuition–that inner voice that tells you when something is wrong or that prompts you to take up an opportunity or to make a particular change in whatever area in our lives. We just need to pay attention to the signs and to that inner voice.

    We have also been blessed with dreams. Dreams offer us a-lot of insights into our problems and are great tools for trouble shooting so to speak. You can go to school in your dreams, ask and get answers to certain troubling questions , warnings about dangerous situations and people and also possible upcoming opportunities. If we pay enough attention to our dreams we will eventually develop our own dream symbols and our dreams will become much clearer and we will become better able to interpret their messages. I encourage everyone to keep a dream journal and try to record your dreams and work with them.

     When doing my readings for individuals I use a mixture of my knowledge of numerology , card reading interpretations and what I call “channeling” which are messages that just come to me out of the blue in relation to the person getting the reading and whatever they might need insight to. I also help them with interpreting their dreams as well. I’m very modest about these things and I really am only trying to help people to be as happy as I am but the people I do readings for claim that I am quite good an are always coming again and again.

      So if you are interested let Minka guide your spirit and help bring insight to whatever area you desire or get a general idea what is in store for you. Remember now nothing is written in stone and everything relies on the will power of the individual and also certain karmic influences that have been set in motion.

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Minka Knits Her Independence

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Jamaica Gleaner

Kavelle Anglin-Christie, Staff Reporter

There is no other way to put it. Gillian Francis, more popularly known as Minka, is a free spirit.

Her beautiful and well-done crochet designs have been seen by most. Still, they may not know the story behind this singer-turned-designer-turned-Rasta-turned-Buddhist and numerologist, now on her way to becoming a naturapatholgist.

It’s only natural that this Jill of all trades would have aroused your curiosity and she makes no apologies.

About your designs, why did you decide to start crocheting?

Basically, I always loved to design and cut up my jeans and that sort of thing when I was younger. I wasn’t so savvy on sewing and I still am not, but when I was growing up I learnt to crochet at about 10 years old. At that time, I was mostly making bags. I didn’t know that it was possible to make clothes that way and that it would become so popular.”

What are some of the obstacles you have faced in the fashion industry?

Since I’m so positive it’s so hard to look at things as obstacles, but one of the main problems that I have is the lack of funds. I could do so much more if I had the capital. Basically, every day I get a new order and sometimes when I do a show or come in a magazine I get as much as 200 pieces and it’s really a lot, so I have to come up with a business plan to buy the things and get them done.

When and how did you get started?

I moved back to Kingston from Westmoreland when I was 19. I was working as a graphic artist. I used to make jewellery and dress people, so I was kinda like a personal shopper. Then I was able to buy a couple of balls of thread and that sort of thing. It’s just now that I started to take it really seriously. I registered the business and that sort of thing and decided to get some financing. Now I really want to target the boutiques and that sort of thing.

Why did you switch from Saint International’s ‘Fashion Block’ to Pulse’s ‘Caribbean Fashionweek’ this year?

I wouldn’t say that I switched. Ever since I became a designer Kingsley and Romae have been asking me to be a part of Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW), but for some reason I was never available. I always travelled during the summer so that was a major problem.

Although Saint was the one I started with, Kingsley’s crowd is a bit different. Deiwight does it more for the people and for Kingsley it is more business. There was a lot of pressure there, but there was no chaos. I felt there was definitely less chaos than I am used to with Deiwght. It’s a lot of politics there, in terms of, if you do Fashion Block you can’t do CFW. But I don’t mind working with anyone who is willing to work with me.

What are your career goals?

I want my clothes to be found in all the fashion capitals of the world. I also want to empower a lot of people to crochet and knit; this can help them to make a business out of their art. I love to teach. Not a lot of people focus these days on being domesticated. Most women now go out and work, so I want to provide a business where they are able to stay at home and provide for their children.

Where can people find your designs?

Right now, at La Pluma Negra, the CFW Fashion Boutique at the Pulse Entertainment Centre, Shades of Africa and in the west at the Cool Runnings Water Park.

Who are your clothesmost suited for?

Everyone. From babies to grandmas. Apart from having things custom-made, I try to cater to a variety of people. There is something for everyone.


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