Greetings and thanks so much for visiting my website. So this is the part where I tell you a little about myself. Well I started designing around age 10 mostly for myself, cutting up and bleaching my clothes in various designs and sewing sequins, beads, shells and other embellishments unto them and  my shoes as well. After high school hanging with the craft vendors in Negril allowed me to learn craft jewelry making techniques so I also started making jewelry for myself.


Although it was always a dream of mine to have my own clothing and accessories line I never imagined how it would happen as I am not the best marketer.(LOL) To this day I don’t like writing or talking about myself I would rather let my work and speak for me. Fortunately I love wearing my own products  and that gives me an opportunity to improve on them or experience their benefits first hand.


I learned to crochet from my aunt Aileen  and my stepmother as a child and I preferred crocheting to sewing and that’s why my line specializes in crochet.   I remember growing up, whenever my cousins and I went to the dressmaker they just had their measurements taken and went to play. I had to look through the design books give the dressmaker my idea of what I wanted and all through high school I designed all my outfits that I wore to school functions. I just didn’t know how to crochet clothes at the time as I was only exposed to crochet home décor.


A friend of mine gave me some crochet clothes as a teenager and I was blown away. I vowed to learn how to start making crochet clothes. A trip to Washington a few months later landed me in the midst of some beautiful sisters who made all type of crochet clothing- dresses, skirts, pants etc. I learned some skills from them and returned to Jamaica with a new confidence and attitude.
When I was about 21 a friend of mine Dorsette Blackwood wrote an article about me and featured my designs in the Observers teenage newspaper. Since then I’ve been featured numerous times in newspapers here and abroad including the Gleaner(swimsuit edition) plus other features , the Jamaica Observer, the Star, the Jamaica Herald, the Voice(London) Caribbean flash(New York)  and Cayman net news weekender (Cayman islands)


I’ve also been featured in several magazines as well—–several copies of SHE Caribbean magazine, Island Groove,  Sky Writings , Caribbean Beat, Amina (french) , fader(july08) ,Panachejm,   Backayard issue 12, Profiles(NY) (fall2012)


I’ve participated in Caribbean Fashion Week for the past four years and have worked with Saints International as well. My friend Mornike introduced me to Dewight Peters who featured me on a couple of his shows and even though we are no longer working  together  I’m still grateful for their  help.  I participated in Barbados Fashion Week , St Kitts Fashion Week , St Kitts Fashion Week launch in New York,  Africajamfest Jamaica and London, and numerous other fashion shows here in Jamaica especially for schools and the corporate industry
I’ve made appearances on Entertainment Report, Onstage, Dwrap ,Smile Jamaica, Hill and Gully Ride , Magnum  Kings and Queens of Dancehall , Cvm at Morning Time, and several cable stations such as Hype TV, RE TV and Md TV. I’ve also done radio interviews on Fame FM, Zip FM , Kool 97 fm, and Irie fm


Some of the celebrities I have created things for include Atura Tapping,  Luciano, Mikey General, Natural black, Dionne Silvera, Truth Hurts , Buju Banton, Hezron, Nezbeth, Audrey Reid , Roberta Flack, Cecile , and media personalities such as Claudette Powell and Denise Hunt.


In 2004 I was chosen from amongst several Jamaican designers to participate in an exhibition put on by the German government aimed at getting the people of that country more interested in fashion. It was dubbed “school of fashion”.  I was most honored to represent Jamaica. My designs were held on exhibition for a month and I was told many people started showing an interest and wanted to learn to crochet clothes. I was later invited to Germany to do workshops but didn’t go because of fear of being so far from home. I love my family and I am extremely dependent on them.  It’s hard to live without them and yes you guessed it I am extremely spoiled .LOL


I was also invited to the Cayman Islands by their government through my dear friend (we became friends afterwards—love this woman she keeps Jamaica’s flag high abroad) Mrs. Donna Reid. I participated in their annual Cayfest celebrations doing fashion shows and workshops for them. I made the front page of the Cayman Net Weekender while I was there and was treated like a dignitary the entire time. I enjoy being an ambassador for my country. Those have been some of my proudest moments.


Personally I’m a lover of life and I am extremely passionate about everything that I do. I am a Jill of many trades and I would like to master them all. As I always say “don’t put me in a box, I’m not dead yet!” *wink


I graduated from Manning’s School (it is a high school but high is not in the name) in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland—-one of the best schools ever—I was very well trained and extremely close to my teachers, coaches and the rest of the school body and I cherish my memories I have from attending there. I played volley ball and netball for my school ( I was a netball star and was asked to play for the Jamaica netball team several times but I didn’t accept for personal reasons .I  also represented my school and other netball clubs abroad and was offered three scholarships from top colleges/universities in Florida .I didn’t accept those for personal reasons as well. I also played women’s football for grand lido hotel earning my little pocket change fresh out of high school.


I graduated with 8 cxc subjects—Biology2, Social Studies1, English language1, English literature1, Geograpy2, Principles of Business1, Principles of Accounts 2 and Mathematics3 . I was a bit disappointed in my maths results because I always got great maths grades but only got to do the multiple choice paper as I was very sick for the first one. I was most upset. I can’t understand why most people don’t like maths—I have a love affair with numbers and my knowledge of maths comes in very handy in my work as a designer, numerologist and budding herbalist—I intend to produce a medicinal cosmetic line and herbal health formulas. So I am a staunch advocate of education in all forms and I believe it should be open and available to people of all walks of life. I intend to open a couple learning centers myself and conduct workshops to share my many talents and experiences


Since graduating high school I’ve taken several classes such as jewelry making , writing  ,voice training and make up-big up Carol Reid—veteran in the business and I’ve worked on projects such as Small Island(the movie)  Digicel’s  Deal or No Deal(tv show) and a couple of commercials doing make-up.

I’ve also model occasionally and I’ve appeared in commercials and a couple magazines like the Feb 2012 issue of Essence magazine.As you can see I totally enjoy being multi-skilled and talented and I love all my creative projects and works.I am also a certified media producer (certified at UWI Mona campus) and I intend to eventually produce television and radio programs.


I also write songs and am extremely fond of music. In 2010 I was invited to tour with the Klas school tour and I had a blast performing at different school all over the island. I still perform from time to time and my songs are always well received most times to a point that frightens me LOL and the people who know my music are always begging me to record so we will see what happens. I am tired of hearing I am wasting my talents in that regard but we’ll see. I’m extremely shy about my music.


At the moment It’s just fun for me but my lyrics are very catchy but always conscious and carries a message so I’d really like to share it with the world but it’s not like I have to “buss” or anything. LOL


I am currently pursuing an online course in naturopathy at the School of  Natural Healing, Utah and it is my intention to build a healing center or perhaps even several as well as make a contribution to the world as a natural healer—-I’ve been helping people heal themselves since I was seven with just herbs, prayers  pranic and other natural forms of healing. It is important to further my studies however to be a master of the art of healing.


Feel free to make donations as I can do all these things by myself but with your help we can make it happen much faster. Your donations will help to pay for my tuition or help to build and operate the healing centers which will not be operated to make profits but to help heal and restore mankind.


My favorite color is purple and I am a vegan. I chant nam myoho renge kyo but I do not like labels so I say love is my religion as I try my best to love and respect all people even though I lean very strongly to Nicherin Daishonin’s Buddhism.


I LOVE most sports (can’t wait for the Olympics so I can lose my voice again lol) and reading is a HUGE part of my life. I read everything lol and my motto is knowledge  knowledge and more knowledge.


I also love to cook and make homemade ice-cream and pastries and I prefer a quiet night at home to a night on the town even though I party occasionally and I love live music so I’m a staple at most stage shows in Jamaica and those I have the opportunity to go to abroad.


I love to cook so much and my friends and family are always going on and on about my cooking so I plan to team up with Simple Solutions Marketing Limited once again to write a vegan cookbook Jamaican style so look out for that.

Well I could go on and on and on but feel free to keep revisiting the website. My team and I will keep updating posts to keep up with the appetite of you Minka hungry fans lol.I thank you all so very much from the depths of my heart. May your lives and that of your families be filled with love and blessings.  Salama.





Caribbean Fashion Week 2009

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